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Are You In Love With Your New Client Pipeline? Let's Find Out

In the spirit of Valentine's Week... Are you in love your new client pipeline? If you're a bit ambivalent, or flat out say no... Let's take a closer look at what might be going on.
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Plan for this Inevitable Service-Business Rite of Passage

If you're a new consultant or service-based business -- or you want to be -- this is an important "head's up!" to what to expect ahead as you launch your business.
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1 Question to Help You Generate More Clients

If you want to generate more clients, this is the question you should be answering.
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3 Questions to Help You Generate Leads More Consistently

If you're looking to generate leads more consistently, answer these three questions.
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How to Deal with Objections

There's a common question about how to deal with "objections" in a sales call. Let's talk through it.
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Want Sales Conversations to Be Easier? Do This.

We put so much pressure on "closing the deal" during a sales conversation. But is that a good way to run your business? There's a way to redirect some of the pressure and make sales conversations...
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5 Things to Make Your Marketing & Sales Successful in 2021

If you're working on your marketing and sales planning for 2021, here are 5 things that will guide you.
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My Big Mistake Building My Business

It's always good to learn from other's mistakes. Watch this quick video and learn from a big one I made, from a prior business.
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5 Ways You May Be Avoiding Sales, And What You Can Do About It

If you think you might be avoiding sales and marketing, here are some things you can do about it, so you can start generating consistent clients.
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3 Things Your Need to Have a Consistent Sales Pipeline

If you want to generate clients consistently for your business, learn the three things you must do.
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