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25 DM Templates to Turn Leads Into Clients on LinkedIn

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Solo consultant or service provider. 

  • You're tired¬†and confused¬†figuring out how to sign clients

  • You're ready to¬†uplevel sales skills and mindset¬†to¬†hit next¬†revenue goal

CONNECT is for you.
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Founder of a growing service based business with at least one team member.

  • You've taken your business¬†this far¬†from¬†referrals and word of mouth

  • You want¬†to¬†develop¬†a¬†pipeline of¬†clients so you can¬†project revenue (which you can't do with referrals)¬†

  • You¬†know¬†a LinkedIn Sales strategy can help you grow your¬†business¬†

The LinkedIn Strategy Playbook is your next best step.
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CEO or Sales Director of a small organization

  • You have a team member who you¬†want to¬†lead¬†sales, improve their¬†sales or build a sales process for the business

  • You have¬†a team member you want to¬†learn to do¬†social selling¬†using¬†LinkedIn so they can grow your business

Our training and coaching programs offer the perfect solution.
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Her energy and expertise are an incredible asset to anyone that is looking to increase revenues and refine their sales strategy and approach.

Heatherjean MacNeil

Working with Celina Guerrero has been a game changer for me.

Crystal Richards

Celina is an excellent coach and a true social selling expert.

Katie Meyers Henshaw

Celina Guerrero

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