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Celina Guerrero

Celina Guerrero is a business and sales coach for consultants and service providers.

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Entertaining and interactive style

“Celina’s ability to deliver a succinct, real-world, relevant and educational presentation was unparalleled. Moreover, she was able to engage the audience with an entertaining and interactive style. I would recommend her to anyone looking for expertise and style! ”

Ken Schmitt, Founder, Sales & Marketing Alliance

Positive, cool and laid-back attitude

"I attended one of Celina’s Social Selling seminars and I’m glad I did – I had not realized how much help I needed in social marketing.

Celina helped me completely overhaul my LinkedIn profile. She also showed me I was not using Twitter and LinkedIn to their full potential. Thanks to Celina I have been able to rebrand myself online – which is great because my company is currently dramatically increasing its marketing efforts.

Not only did Celina teach a class that was relevant with actionable takeaways, she made it fun with her positive, cool & laid-back attitude."

Carey Fischer, Sales Executive

Formats Available

Celina is available to speak on stages, on webinars, and as a podcast guest.

Video Samples on YouTube

Celina's Podcast


Audiences Served

  • Consultants and Service Providers 
  • Service-Based Business CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs
  • Advisors, Trainers and High-Ticket Coaches 


Speaking Topics

  1. Selling in a State of Hypothesis™ 

  2. LinkedIn Workshop for Entrepreneurs


Short Bio

Celina Guerrero has generated millions in revenue as a professional sales executive and marketer. She helps client-serving CEOs & Consultants leverage LinkedIn to generate more clients and grow their businesses sustainably. 


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Long Bio

Celina Guerrero is a business and sales coach for consultants and service providers helping them develop roadmaps to greater levels of revenue in their business. She is also an expert trainer on how to use LinkedIn to generate new clients.

A former sales executive at Columbia Artists Management, Celina has worked with CEOs and executive leadership generating millions of dollars in revenue, while covering multiple US territories.

As National Director of Client Partnerships at Orange Grove Consulting, she established the firm's sales strategy from the ground up, trained a team of sales professionals, and sold services to large companies.

Celina has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the LinkedIn Sales Blog and Sales Mastery Magazine.

She earned her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Southern California, and her Master's Degree in Media and Communications from Fordham University, Graduate School of Business.

Celina Helps Consultants and Service Providers Generate More Revenue Without Losing Their Mind or Profit

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