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Celina Guerrero

She has generated millions in revenue as a professional sales executive and marketer. She serves CEOs and Consultants by giving them the tools and strategies to find and convert leads into paying clients on their path to a multiple 6 to 7-figure business.

Hi I'm Celina,

I help people build relationships that build businesses.

I take client-serving CEOs / Consultants from sales overwhelm to sales leader with less risk and roadblocks on their path to more revenue.

As National Director of Client Partnerships at Orange Grove Consulting, I established the firm's sales strategy from the ground up, trained and led a team of sales professionals, and sold services to large companies.

A former Account Executive at Columbia Artists Management, I've worked with CEOs and executive leadership, generating millions of dollars in revenue, covering multiple US territories.

My prior company Social to Sales, was a training company helping small businesses learn how to leverage social selling and online marketing strategies to connect with, and convert leads online.

I have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the LinkedIn Sales Blog and Sales Mastery Magazine.

I earned my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and my Master's Degree in Media and Communications from Fordham University, Graduate School of Business, in New York City.

Please feel free to reach me on my contact form on this website, and I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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Celina is an engaging speaker and presenter on topics around sales, LinkedIn and building relationships.

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