CONNECT was created because:

1. People perform sales better in community

2. Most people never learn to sell and muddle through, instead of thriving

3. Sales requires patience and fortitude, and having a community + coach to guide you can be transformational

You shouldn't have to sell alone.

If you're the only one who sells in your business, CONNECT is a place where you can improve your sales and LinkedIn skills each week to close more business and increase your revenue and impact.

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CONNECT was created because when you're the only one selling in your business, it's easy to think you're the only one who:

  • Is being ghosted
  • Feels salesy
  • Doesn't know what to say in the DMs
  • Isn't attracting enough leads
  • Is messing up sales calls

The truth is, experiencing these things is just another day in sales.

However, minimizing these experiences is 100% possible with the right support.


By joining CONNECT you no longer have to:

  • Problem-solve sales challenges alone
  • Learn sales skills in an online course, only to have no idea how to apply them in real life
  • Ask biz friends for advice, only to be left more confused than ever
  • Ask ChatGPT for sales advice
  • Lose -- or win alone



CONNECT is a year-long membership, bringing together consultants and service providers to learn and take action together towards signing more clients in their business.

The exclusive goal is to help you improve every step of your sales process -- from generating leads to signed contract with your ideal client.

The primary social media platform we train on for cultivating leads is LinkedIn.

The membership consists of one weekly group call every Thursday at 10:00am Pacific. During this hour, you will:

  • Close gaps in your sales process 
  • Learn how to have sales conversations (DMs / phone / Zoom)
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to attract and convert more clients
  • Be held accountable and supported to do new things
  • Receive well-deserved cheerleading to go out and sign more clients.

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Why is CONNECT 1 weekly call for 12 months?

  • Closing sales takes time, so it's an annual membership. 3 months isn't enough.
  • Learning sales and applying what you learn in various situations over time is key to long term success. 
  • You are busy. 1 hour of dedicated sales training, accountability and cheerleading is the ideal weekly commitment. 



What can you expect in the CONNECT membership?

You will learn:

  • How to generate more leads
  • How to know which leads aren't going to become clients so you can let them go
  • How to center yourself in integrity in all your communications
  • How to do outreach because you need to
  • Learn what the mundane and difficult actions required are to grow your business, so you can just do them
  • Transform the way you show up in the world by learning to sell


The Details:

  • There is 1 weekly call on Thursdays at 10:00am -11:00am Pacific Time.
  • Each call will address a subject around selling and / or the time will be spent in a group coaching format
  • The focus of each call will be on the actual daily challenges that members of the group face and how to overcome them. 
  • A video and audio recording of each session will be available within 48 hours.

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Who's leading CONNECT? 

Celina Guerrero has been a sales and LinkedIn coach for early-stage consultants and service providers for over a decade.

She has served as a full-time sales executive with quotas where she generated millions of dollars working with Executives and CEOs so, she's been where you are.

She delivers her workshops with a fun but direct, action-oriented style. If you're ready to make things happen, she's the coach for you.

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Who is CONNECT right for?

  • You know who your ideal client is
  • You have a proven service
  • You use LinkedIn to attract leads for your business
  • You take sales calls
  • You're ambitious about getting more clients and you're ready to learn and take action!



Who is CONNECT not right for?

  • You sell products direct to consumers or are an e-commerce business
  • You want to work with an Instagram or Facebook expert
  • You don't take sales calls 
  • You really just want someone to do the work for you.
  • You sign up and then decide to cancel. This is an annual commitment. If you're not sure you want that, please don't sign up.


If you're ready to connect more with high-quality leads on LinkedIn and convert them into clients CONNECT is for you!

LinkedIn Course Participant

Celina really helped me connect the dots between Linkedin and generating revenue. Everything clicked, and by the end of our time together I had 10 calls scheduled and my network had increased by triple digits.

Melinda Yoo, Sungrown Studio, Design Director

Celina broke down the why and how so easily for me that even with my packed schedule, I was able to implement AND have fun with it! The tools I learned during the workshop that I have implemented are converting to sales calls and building relationships with industry leaders I would not have had access to otherwise.

Sindy Warren, Founder, Blue Tree Coaching

Celina's course was an incredible value and taught me so much about how to use LinkedIn effectively. I cannot recommend this course enough if you are looking to grow your business using LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Course Participant

Celina knows her stuff, her LinkedIn advice is realistic and achievable for even the most busy of founders.

CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency

Celina is a super engaging leader and her course gets results. If you're ready to tap into a huge pool of your dream clients, this course will help you do exactly that.

April Lokar, Founder of Semi-Conventional

Celina has her finger on the pulse of LinkedIn. She truly understands what type of content is working and she expertly teaches how to craft it! If you want to improve your LinkedIn presence, Celina is definitely your best resource. She's relatable, fun, and easy to learn from!

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Annual Membership, Pay-in-Full

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching call 
  • Thursdays, 10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Time
  • 1 year membership 
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Annual Member


12 Monthly Payments

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching call
  • Thursdays, 10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Time
  • 1 year membership 
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