How to Deal with Objections sales

There's a common question about how to deal with "objections" in a sales call. Let's talk through it.

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Want Sales Conversations to Be Easier? Do This. sales

We put so much pressure on "closing the deal" during a sales conversation. But is that a good way to run your business? There's a way to redirect some of the pressure and make sales conversations not only easier, but more successful. 

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5 Things to Make Your Marketing & Sales Successful in 2021 strategy

If you're working on your marketing and sales planning for 2021, here are 5 things that will guide you.

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My Big Mistake Building My Business strategy

It's always good to learn from other's mistakes. Watch this quick video and learn from a big one I made, from a prior business.

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5 Ways You May Be Avoiding Sales, And What You Can Do About It sales

If you think you might be avoiding sales and marketing, here are some things you can do about it, so you can start generating consistent clients.

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3 Things Your Need to Have a Consistent Sales Pipeline sales pipeline

If you want to generate clients consistently for your business, learn the three things you must do.

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How to Get Prospects Pre-Sold Before They Meet With You strategy

If you could have clients pre-sold before they even meet with you, would you want that?

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Want to Remove Burnout and Generate New Biz? online program

Tired of running yourself ragged, and still not making your revenue goals? In this video we share a solution that can transform your business.


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How to Generate New Business Now to Avoid a Crunch Later lead generation

Need business now? In this video we share 2 ideas for generating clients asap. We also cover what to do , to avoid this situation in the future.


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Why Your Clients' 2021 Goals Are Your Goals strategy

Are you starting to plan for 2021?

In this video we'll talk about why your first step to planning 2021 is about your ideal client.


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Why You Need 2 Sales Funnels strategy

Are you wondering why you're not converting more clients?

In this video we share why you need 2 sales funnels to convert leads to clients and what those funnels are.


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Referrals Not Bringing in Enough Business? lead generation


Referrals not bringing in enough new business?

In this video we discuss what you can do to bring in more consistent leads and clients. 


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