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REACH Revenue

REACH new levels of sustainable revenue and confidence

Q2 Session: April 3-June 30, 2023


Learn the 3 key shifts to generating more sustainable revenue, while serving clients you love with more time to spend outside of work

Learn how to make more revenue, with greater ease and more free time.


You can be grateful for the clients you have -- and still want more.

Who joins REACH?

  • You're a woman consultant, business owner, trainer, founder, service provider, executive freelancer or high-ticket coach who provides a service and your clients are either professionals, small businesses or large organizations -- and you deliver results consistently.
  • You have clients, but either they're not all ideal or profitable clients -- or you don't have enough clients to generate the revenue you want. The way you're working in some way is not sustainable and you're ready for change.
  • You would love someone to assess your business who provides feedback, direction, accountability and a safe space to talk to help you enter the next level of your business -- and you can't wait to start.


The REACH Revenue framework for B2B women consultants and service providers

The REACH framework provides direction on how to get to successfully get to your next level of revenue

There are 3 coordinated steps to take in your business:

✨ Re-affirm what you want

✨ Create a roadmap + action plan

✨ Live in a state of hypothesis™ 

The REACH Revenue Roadmap + Action Plan helps you clarify your vision, and prioritizes and breaks down the steps required to achieve this goal into smaller quarterly and weekly goals to reduce overwhelm and ensure you execute your plan.

In addition to personalized 1:1 coaching and accountability (2x/month), you have access to a full suite of self-guided learning lessons and weekly live learning experiences.

The program provides the support, direction, accountability and training to help you build a more sustainable business with more revenue serving clients that excite you, without working all the time.

Here's what the REACH program provides to help you successfully integrate revenue, client and time management stratgies into your business to get you to your next level of sustainability and ease

  1. REACH gives you the frameworks for increasing your revenue, increasing the quality of work you're doing, while giving you more breathing room in your life and business
  2. REACH doesn't make you go it alone and drive the process forward. We give you the coaching, direction and accountability to help you transform your mind and your systems to achieve your goals faster.
  3. The REACH methodology puts your strengths at the center of your business, and your prospects at the center of the conversation. 
  4. REACH helps you overcome barriers that have kept you from getting to the next level of your business.
  5. REACH helps you REACH beyond your comfort zone, your revenue goals and past the status quo to a more sustainable business that improves choice, freedom and growth.

"I worked with Celina during a critical growth phase in my business. I was working to scale and needed support with business development. My business model had previously relied on referrals but I was falling short of my sales goals. Celina helped me understand the ins and outs of sales and relationship building in an accessible and holistic way. I feel so much more prepared now to bring on new clients and grow my business. I'm so grateful for Celina's guidance."

Sarah Q. Leonard,
Founder, Social Media Agency

The Transformation You Seek


Accepting low fees

Not hitting your revenue goal

Low profit projects

Rollercoaster revenue

Leads who don't become clients

You don't enjoy the projects you're getting

Working all the time

Doing everything in your business 


Commanding higher fees

Exceeding your revenue goal

Higher profit margins

Consistent revenue all the time

More qualified leads becoming clients

Being excited by your work everyday

Not being exhausted all the time

Delegating tasks appropriately

Develop and implement your REACH Roadmap to develop more sustainable revenue, more choice and more confidence in 2023.

The REACH Framework

Let's build you a business where you earn more revenue, work with more clients you love and have more free time.

Revenue Roadmap + Action Plan
Flip-the-Script Mindset
Walk in Your Client's Footsteps
Positioning and Profile
LinkedIn Client Outreach
Content and Conversion
High-Converting Discovery Calls

Installing a simple, repeatable sales process in your business that feels good, unlocks the untapped potential in your business:

  • You gain the calm confidence that comes with generating your own new business -- and not have to rely on others for referrals or subcontracts (especially in a downturn)
  • You can say "no" to clients you don't want to work with, making more room for client work that is transformational and you love
  • You now have consistent revenue to bring on new team members which opens up new possibilities in your income and time freedom
  • You know you have potential clients in the pipeline everyday
  • You're not frantically calling around for referrals, introductions and subcontracts because you needed work, yesterday


Working with Celina Guerrero has been a game changer for me. I have benefited tremendously from her knowledge about LinkedIn Sales Navigator and her extensive knowledge of the sales process in general--an eye opening experience!  Celina is the sales whisperer where she not only helped me navigate the intimidating and daunting process of sales but also helped me overcome my fear of the sales process. 


Crystal Richards, Project Management Educational Consultant

Celina’s program was incredibly helpful for learning how to leverage LinkedIn in a consistent and time efficient way.


Amy Kan, Leadership Coach

Celina has made a real difference in my approach to lead gen. Her encouragement to reach out to prospective clients is paying off big time. Yesterday the Chief of Staff of a big tech firm booked in a meeting within 11 minutes of me sending a LI message, and wrote how excited she was to chat. Boom!

Debbie Danon, Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Inclusion Consultant

Celina gets people, so she gets sales. Her energy and expertise are an incredible asset to anyone that is looking to increase revenues and refine their sales strategy and approach.


Heatherjean MacNeil, Sales Executive

Not only did Celina teach a class that was relevant with actionable takeaways, she made it fun with her positive, cool & laid-back attitude.


Carey Fischer, Senior Sales Leader

Celina is the absolute go-to reference when it comes to outreach as a form of business development.

If you get a chance to work with Celina: I highly recommend!!


Heidi Holvoet, Strategic Business Coach

Celina gets people, so she gets sales. 

Heatherjean MacNeil

Here's what your 3+ month experience includes if you're investing in the Self-Motivated Basic level:


REACH Revenue Roadmap

Following the RRR online lesson, you develop your own RRR for Q1 2023. 

 3+ month access to the 7-part REACH Framework lesson library

Access the REACH framework online lessons to support your Q1 REACH Roadmap + Action Plan.

Weekly group coaching call

There are 12 live learning opportunities, where you can bring your own questions or learn from others.

Online community

Tap into the incredible collective knowledge of others! Ask questions in the online community to receive answers from the community and the REACH team.

You've built the foundation of your service-based business. Let's give it a framework for growth so you can continue to transform the lives of your clients, and your own.


Celina Guerrero is the Creator of REACH, a business growth learning coaching and consulting program for B2B women consultants and service providers.

She has generated millions in revenue as a professional sales executive and marketer and trained service based business owners for over a decade how to use LinkedIn to generate clients.

She serves CEOs and Consultants by giving them the tools and strategies to find and convert leads into paying clients on their path to a multiple 6 to 7-figure business.


Here's a bit about me:

  • I was a professional sales executive for 5 years and generated millions in revenue, traveling across the US, managing executive level relationships.
  • I've run my own business for a combined 8 years as a marketing, sales and LinkedIn consultant and I specialize working with consultants, trainers and service-providers who run small or early stage service-based businesses.
  • I was a business development executive for a new consultancy taking them to 6 figures in 6 months selling to large organizations. I built out their sales function from the ground up -- from hiring and training a sales and marketing team to proposal development and deal management.

With the REACH Program, I Share the Knowledge I've Used To...

Take a consulting company to 6-figures in 6 months

Generate millions in revenue selling to Executive Directors and CEOs   

Help B2B leaders employ social selling techniques that work to generate leads today.

Coach leaders, business consultants and sales pros how to build sustainable sales systems

Your REACH Experience

Intake Questionnaire

90-Min. Kickoff call

REACH Roadmap - Done-for-You

Action Plan - Done-for-You

Complete a questionnaire followed by a 1:1 interview to discuss you and your business. We develop and deliver your custom REACH Roadmap and Action Plan for Q2 2023.

Five (5) 45-minute 1:1 coaching & accountability calls

These calls keep you on track and focused on your priorities.

Submit unlimited online questions and receive answers within 48 hours or less. Unlimited texting for quick questions.

You'll be able to submit requests for feedback and quick questions throughout the program.


Program Values

Members of the REACH program hold a commitment to being anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive and kind to other members of the program at all times.


Still Have Questions? Schedule a Consult Call Today! We'll Discuss Your Goals and See If the REACH Program Can Help.

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