Leverage LinkedIn to attract and cultivate new clients.


LinkedIn Strategy Playbook

Thinking about LinkedIn but unsure how to use it?

Perhaps you've encountered these scenarios?

  • You've spent time on LinkedIn, but would love to learn how to use it strategically to generate clients 
  • You know your client is on LinkedIn, and you want a plan to leverage it build a network of partners and clients
  • You want to up-level your marketing by integrating LinkedIn
  • You're not generating new clients consistently using LinkedIn -- and you're excited to solve that!
  • You're ready to push beyond your current plateau.
  • You're ready to let go of regret you never learned how to use LinkedIn properly.


If you're ready to move your business past "waiting for clients", and are looking for a plan, you're in the right place.


The LinkedIn Strategy Playbook is for busy service-based business CEOs, consultants, agencies and their teams.

The goal of the Playbook is to develop your repeatable action plan that builds a consistent pipeline of clients.

Why Does The Playbook Help You Generate More Clients?

  1. Starting conversations and building relationships is a competitive advantage to generate clients in today's online environment
  2. Reaching out to those you believe you can help, in addition to marketing content, creates balance and stability in your business
  3. "Waiting" is not a growth strategy. But you don't have all day to do marketing and sales. The Playbook solves for that with a strategic action plan.

Create compelling content


Build relationships with your ideal client


Use one-to-one sales conversations to maximize your one-to-many marketing efforts, and increase conversions

Who Is the LinkedIn Strategy Playbook For? 


Proven Service
Your service or offer has been delivered more than a few times. The more it has been proven out, the faster your outreach will deliver results.


Ready to Go
You're willing to commit time implementing the action plan so that we can refine and develop the playbook.  You're ready to grow your revenue.


Future Interest in Hiring a Salesperson
Not required -- but, if you have interest in hiring someone to do outreach on your behalf, this playbook is exactly what you need before you invest in hiring someone. 

What Does the LinkedIn Playbook Include?


This is a done-for-you program with one-to-one coaching, where we deliver strategic direction, and you learn and implement during our time working together. 

While every company's playbook is slightly different, elements include:

Your Client's Journey

Your Client's Journey Sets the Direction for the Strategy


LinkedIn Power Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile is the Home of Your Professional Brand


LinkedIn Content & CTA Strategy

Create Client Attracting Content on LinkedIn and CTAs to Take Them Off


Connections & Conversations Strategy

“Why Now? Why Them?” Strategy


Weekly Step-by-Step Action Plan

Custom LinkedIn Strategic Playbook - A step-by-step plan for how to use LinkedIn.

About Celina Guerrero

Celina Guerrero has generated millions in revenue as a professional sales executive and marketer. She helps client-serving CEOs & Consultants leverage LinkedIn to generate more clients and grow their businesses sustainably.


With the LinkedIn Strategy Playbook, I Share the Knowledge I've Used To...

  • Take a consulting company to 6-figures in 6 months

  • Generate millions in revenue selling to Executives and CEOs   

  • Help B2B leaders employ social selling techniques that work to generate leads today.

  • Coach leaders, business consultants and sales pros how to sell to big companies.

What People Say About Working with Celina


Absolute Go-To 

Celina is the absolute go-to reference when it comes to outreach as a form of business development. Her expertise and insights into sales and making true connections seamlessly align with how I approach people who are either colleagues or prospects: with respect and unassuming of what they need, and instead creating a genuine and mutually beneficial business relationship.

 If you get a chance to work with Celina: I highly recommend!!

Heidi Holvoet, Strategic Business Coach


Game Changer

Working with Celina Guerrero has been a game changer for me.

I have benefited tremendously from her knowledge about LinkedIn Sales Navigator and her extensive knowledge of the sales process in general--an eye opening experience!

Celina helped me in setting up my mindset and establishing an efficient process to outreach to my prospective buyers.

Celina is the sales whisperer where she not only helped me navigate the intimidating and daunting process of sales but also helped me overcome my fear of the sales process.

Crystal Richards, Project Management Educational Consultant


Paying Off Big Time
Celina has made a real difference in my approach to lead gen. Her encouragement to reach out to prospective clients is paying off big time. I'm being more proactive seeking HR Directors / People Leads on LinkedIn, with a tailored template for new contacts which has people booking in sales calls within minutes. A Chief of Staff of a big tech firm booked in a meeting within 11 minutes of me sending a LI message, and wrote how excited they were to chat. Boom! Thank you for helping me take myself off mute, Celina

Debbie Danon, Leadership Coach & Consultant


She Gets Sales

Celina gets people, so she gets sales. She has crafted a brilliant approach to sales that is equal parts human behavior, strategy, and process. During the year that we worked together, Celina's coaching enabled me to create pipeline, craft proposals, and close deals.

Her energy and expertise are an incredible asset to anyone that is looking to increase revenues and refine their sales strategy and approach.

Heatherjean MacNeil, Sales Executive


Four New Clients

So there I was, thinking I was about to go on a LinkedIn Sales Navigator workshop.  In reality, I was about to receive the keys to the LinkedIn universe.

I immediately put her training into action. One month later, I have four new clients. 

Celina's guidance and coaching is personalized, centered around being of service and IMPACTFUL.
An engagement with her leads to possibilities you never knew existed.

Claire Mason, Content Strategist


Accessible and Holistic
I worked with Celina during a critical growth phase in my business. I was working to scale and needed support with business development. My business model had previously relied on referrals but I was falling short of my sales goals. Celina helped me understand the ins and outs of sales and relationship building in an accessible and holistic way. I feel so much more prepared now to bring on new clients and grow my business. I'm so grateful for Celina's guidance.

Sarah Leonard, Founder, Social Media Agency

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