2 Ways to Generate Clients on LinkedIn

Everyone “knows” LinkedIn is a great place to cultivate leads, connect with potential clients and generate new business. 

But people often lament that they’re posting a lot of content and spending a lot of time on LinkedIn, but aren’t generating clients. 

There are two distinct ways to generate clients on LinkedIn. 

In this episode of the #thrivebizchat, I cover both and explain why, if you really want to maximize your ability to generate new leads and clients, you should be doing both.

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Celina Guerrero has generated millions in revenue as a professional sales executive and marketer. She helps business to business Founder-CEOs and consultants generate clients consistently, break through their current revenue ceiling and help them generate enough opportunities so they can choose to take on clients they love by leveraging relationship-based sales.  

You can find Celina at www.celinaguerrero.com or on LinkedIn.

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