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Purpose. The purpose of the Membership is to learn to connect with high-quality leads on LinkedIn and convert them into clients, hosted by Celina Guerrero.


Benefits and Features.


Weekly 1-hour group coaching call

Thursdays, 10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Time

1 year membership 

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In this annual membership you'll:

  • Close gaps in your sales process 
  • Learn how to have sales conversations (DMs / phone / Zoom)
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to attract and convert more clients
  • Be held accountable and supported to do new things
  • Receive well-deserved cheerleading to go out and sign more clients.

What's included:

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching call.
  • Thursdays, 10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Time
  • 1 year membership 

What People Are Saying:

Celina has her finger on the pulse of LinkedIn. She truly understands what type of content is working and she expertly teaches how to craft it! If you want to improve your LinkedIn presence, Celina is definitely your best resource. She's relatable, fun, and easy to learn from!

April Lokar, Founder of Semi-Conventional

Celina is a super engaging leader and her course gets results. If you're ready to tap into a huge pool of your dream clients, this course will help you do exactly that.

CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency

Celina knows her stuff, her LinkedIn advice is realistic and achievable for even the most busy of founders.

LinkedIn Course Participant

Celina's course was an incredible value and taught me so much about how to use LinkedIn effectively. I cannot recommend this course enough if you are looking to grow your business using LinkedIn!

Sindy Warren, Founder, Blue Tree Coaching

Celina broke down the why and how so easily for me that even with my packed schedule, I was able to implement AND have fun with it! The tools I learned during the workshop that I have implemented are converting to sales calls and building relationships with industry leaders I would not have had access to otherwise.

Melinda Yoo, Sungrown Studio, Design Director

Celina really helped me connect the dots between Linkedin and generating revenue. Everything clicked, and by the end of our time together I had 10 calls scheduled and my network had increased by triple digits.

LinkedIn Course Participant