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5 Days to More Clients Using LinkedIn


Upcoming Session: Sep 5 - Oct 3, 2023


Have You...

  • Been posting content on LinkedIn, but no one seems to see it?
  • Know how powerful LinkedIn is -- but remain confused how to leverage it? 
  • Aren't sure how to use LinkedIn to generate clients -- but are ready to change that?


In five 90-minute sessions, you'll...

  • Create a profile that stands out and attracts your ideal client
  • Understand how to beat the algorithm and get your content seen
  • Learn how to grow a network of high-potential leads and prospects
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100% of participants recommend this course.

What We'll Cover

In five 90-minute weekly LIVE Workshops you will:

  • Learn the most powerful strategies for how to use LinkedIn today to attract and find new clients
  • Be given simple action items that you can implement right away each week
  • Learn to stop using LinkedIn as a place to "keep" your resume, and start using it as the powerful client generation tool that it is

This course is for consultants, service-providers and service-based CEOs who are ready to use LinkedIn to generate clients!

Ready to learn the most current, effective LinkedIn strategies, in the shortest amount of time, with a big result?

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Honestly, before the workshop I felt like LInkedIn was going to be just another task in my marketing to-do's. I wasn't sure the work would pay off and didn't really think it was friendly to my industry. I was also worried it would be time not well spent.
Celina broke down the why and how so easily for me that even with my packed schedule, I was able to implement AND have fun with it!
The tools I learned during the workshop that I have implemented are converting to sales calls and building relationships with industry leaders I would not have had access to otherwise.


Melinda Yoo, Sungrown Studio, Design Director


Here's What's Included

LinkedIn Profile

In this session, you'll create an optimized client-facing LinkedIn profile that attracts and converts your ideal client.

Sep 5

LinkedIn Content

In this session, you'll learn what's working now on LinkedIn to get your content seen and attract your ideal client.

Sep 12

LinkedIn Connecting

Relationships are the lifeblood of any business. In this session you'll learn organic and targeted strategies to attract your ideal client on LinkedIn.

Sep 19

LinkedIn Messaging

Learn how to use the direct message feature on LinkedIn - and how not to use it. Learn how to take the conversation from 1:many marketing to 1:1 conversations.

Sep 26

LinkedIn Advanced

In this session, you'll learn advanced strategies and create a repeatable daily plan to ensure you take all you've learned and sustainably implement it.

Oct 3

Why This 5-Part Live Course Helps Participants Be Successful

  • You get answers immediately. The Q&A is integrated into the workshop and participants love that.
  • You attend the sessions weekly, giving you time to work on each topic area after each session, so you're not overwhelmed.
  • The curriculum builds on each prior session, giving pace to the learning process and breaking down learning this robust platform into more manageable parts.
  • All the technical how-to's are clearly explained which gives participants the confidence and ability to make decisions about how to use the tool effectively for their own business.
  • This course isn't about giving you "quick tips" and "hacks" without context for why to use them -- or theory. This course provides day-to-day insights for why, how and when to use LinkedIn to generate more clients -- without being spammy.
  • You won't struggle to find time to log-in alone to an online lessons portal (and risk never getting to it) because the sessions are run live. Put the dates in your calendar, show up, and become a LinkedIn ninja!

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100% of participants

recommend this course

Celina really helped me connect the dots between Linkedin and generating revenue.
Everything clicked, and by the end of our time together I had 10 calls scheduled and my network had increased by triple digits.


Why Should You Invest in These Workshops with Celina?

You should invest in learning LinkedIn with Celina if the following 3 things appeal to you:


  1. Celina has been a LinkedIn and sales coach for early-stage consultants and service providers for over a decade. Since 2013, she's helped consultants and service providers learn how to use LinkedIn to generate more clients to grow their businesses.
  2. Celina has served as a full-time sales executive with quotas where she generated millions of dollars working with Executives and CEOs. She understands the fundamentals of what it takes to attract, nurture and convert relationships into paying clients and she brings that knowledge to her LinkedIn training.
  3. She delivers her workshops with a fun but direct, action-oriented style. If you're ready to make things happen, she's the trainer for you.

Celina Guerrero

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What outcomes have participants of this course achieved?

Within the span of 5 weeks of the course participants have reported the following:

  • 5 calls scheduled with new industry partners
  • A potential client referral from a new connection on LinkedIn
  • More engaging impact on people within their industry
  • A stronger profile, and clear tactics to build out their brand and LinkedIn presence
  • Over 10 connection calls with referral partners and potential clients as well as an overall increase in the number of leads in their pipeline
  • A direct client referral from a post
  • More clarity around their LinkedIn content strategy
  • Increased reach and visibility and as a result, calls with people who felt they already knew them (trust), just from the content they shared
  • Triple digit increase of their network
Celina knows her stuff, her LinkedIn advice is realistic and achievable for even the most busy of founders.



In 5 live 90-minute sessions, you'll...

  • Create a profile that stands out and attracts your ideal client
  • Understand how to beat the algorithm and get your content seen
  • Learn how to grow a network of high-potential leads and prospects

Are you ready to move past "flirting" and get serious about LinkedIn to generate clients?

L5x is for You!

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