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3 Days to More Clients on LinkedIn

with Celina Guerrero


May 13-15, 2024 10:00am Pacific Time

What past participants said about the LinkedIn Connect Challenge.


This was such an amazing challenge, Celina! The gems and practical guidance you gave us was phenomenal. Thank you, again! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

 Katrina Dawson College Prep Expert


Celina! In addition to your expert advice and instruction, the other attendees in the challenge were great to work and connect with. Many of us are solopreneurs, so the group setting and feedback were helpful.

Theresa Thomas, Etiquette Expert


This Challenge Is For You If
Any of the Following are True.


👉🏼 You want to use LinkedIn to cultivate high-value leads but you don't know how

👉🏼 You post content but it doesn't attract new leads

👉🏼 You want to have conversations in the DMs but don't know what to say

Ready to connect with high-quality leads?

What will you learn in this 3-Day Challenge?


You will learn 3 ways to connect with your prospective clients on LinkedIn and move them towards becoming a client.

Each day you'll be given a simple action item so you can implement what you learn!

What past participants accomplished in the last LinkedIn Connect Challenge.


✔️ One person sent a DM to a past client she hadn't spoken to in years, and now they're in conversation to work together.

✔️ Another person connected with an attendee at an event where she spoke, and she's prepared a DM to send about bringing that topic to the attendee's firm.

✔️ Another person reached out to a prospective client to share her updated portfolio and reignite awareness of her good work.

Why Should You Invest Your Time in This Challenge with Celina?

You should invest your time and effort in this challenge with Celina if the following 3 things appeal to you:


  1. Celina has been a LinkedIn and sales coach for early-stage consultants and service providers since 2013.

  2. Celina has been a full-time sales executive with quotas where she generated millions of dollars working with Executives and CEOs so she's been where you are.

  3. She delivers her workshops with a fun but direct, action-oriented style. If you're ready to make things happen, she's the trainer for you.

I'm ready to take the LinkedIn Connect Challenge!